Always Working Can Be Deadly: BioBeats Study Links High Stress Levels And Heart Disease

BioBeats, the leader in digital health and artificial intelligence, recently completed a landmark study with the University of Surrey, to further understand the tremendously dangerous impact that stress has on the body. According to the research, the stress of constantly working – being connected to your phone, laptop and emails, without any dedicated interventions, can be deadly as it is linked to cardiovascular disease. The study also reveals the shocking statistic that, “one in two City workers in London are more stressed at home than they are at work.”

In the Fall of 2016 BioBeats partnered with BNP Paribas, one of the world’s leading financial services firms, and AXA, one of the largest insurance companies with 102M customers, to offer BNP Paribas employees access to the BioBeats platform to help them understand and effectively manage their stress. This pilot was the largest field study of workplace stress of its kind and the findings from the evidenced-based trial were remarkable.

The study monitored participants and measured heart rates in workers, finding that ‘spikes’ in stress occurred when people interrupted their home time with work. Participants in the study were fitted with Microsoft Bands that were able to take various biometric measurements and data continuously throughout the day for the two months of the study. A vast body of data was then gathered and analysed in BioBeats’ unique artificial intelligence engine.

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