Speechmatics builds 46 languages in just 6 weeks, bringing the total to an industry-leading 72 unique languages

Speechmatics put Automatic Linguist, their AI framework, to the test during Phase 1 of Project Omniglot to learn as many languages as possible

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Senseye joins the ThingWorx Marketplace to provide scalable and easy to use predictive maintenance

Senseye, the scalable predictive maintenance leader, today announced that it has joined the PTC ThingWorx Marketplace™, partnering with PTC to offer predictive maintenance to users of PTC’s leading ThingWorx® industrial innovation platform without the pain of expensive consultants or extensive customization.

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Mediamath and Grapeshot team up to promise pre-bid brand safety

Mediamath has integrated Grapeshot to offer its 7,000 plus brand clients the ability to determine brand safety ahead of bidding and serving an ad.

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Speechmatics launches Automatic Linguist, a unique AI framework capable of learning new languages in a matter of days

New software will expand the capability to learn previously overlooked languages at a significantly reduced cost.

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