Global mar-tech data company, integrated with all major programmatic ad trading exchanges, social media data and news sources, processing over 5 trillion classifications per month.


Software for a ‘bank-out-of-the-box’ run fully in the cloud. Built by talented ex-Google engineers using highly scalable web technologies and incorporating smart contracts and blockchain functionality.

Fluidic Analytics

Addressing the next frontier in life sciences – the sequencing of proteins at scale. Fluidic develops machines that make protein characterisation radically faster, more accurate and cost-effective.


Privitar enables organisations such as banks to enforce a company-wide privacy policy to protect their customers, while still being able to mine their big data assets to generate business insight, while offering full auditability for regulators in the light of new data protection and privacy regulations.

Focal Point

‘Super GPS’ software which dramatically improves the sensitivity and performance of existing radio-based positioning systems, providing new capabilities and services in urban environments and inside buildings.

Audio Analytic

Embedded sound analytics software for Smart Home applications: applications include detection of a smoke alarm, window breakage, baby cries and a range of other relevant sounds, with unrivalled accuracy, and all processed locally on the Smart Home device.


Cloud service for fast and more accurate speech recognition, utilising advanced deep learning methods developed in Cambridge.

Oxford Space Systems

Developing a new generation of deployable structures for use in space that are dramatically lighter, more reliable and lower cost. Its products are suitable for the latest generation of Nanosats and Microsats.


Big Data platform for historical full-depth trading exchange data enabling improvement of trading algorithms and back testing using advanced Machine Learning and inference frameworks.


Stock-exchange and funding platform for startups: first and only platform in the world where startup and growth companies are funded, traded and researched globally. Based on unique block chain technology for reliability and accuracy.


Delivers machine learning and biometrics-based insights on the well-being of individuals and employees, focused on managing their stress and improving their productivity.

Spectral Edge

Computational imaging to enhance detail, aid visual accessibility and create beautiful pictures identical to those seen by the human eye. Enables ‘fusion’ of images, perception-based processing and automatic image enhancement.


Platform enabling merchants to seamlessly offer instalment finance to their customers, by finding the best match in real-time with underwriters.


Digital Publisher supporting the entire publishing process, also enabling authors to crowd fund on the platform, giving them room for more creativity and choice in their books.


Machine learning for CRISPR libraries: enables life scientists to expertly design any genome editing experiment in any cell line and fully realise the opportunities of CRISPR/Cas9 technology.


Legal Tech cloud platform enabling both law firms and businesses to have real-time billing, budgeting and visibility for any legal matter in progress, aggregating or itemising the details for each firm engaged.


Fully automated diagnostic and prognostics platform for increasing ROI on manufacturing assets and cutting costs of machine maintenance.


Building and managing the UK’s leading Out-of-home Electric Vehicle charging network, based on reliability, ease of use, value and accessibility


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