About Us

IQ Capital’s general partners, Kerry Baldwin, Max Bautin, Simon Hirtzel and Ed Stacey, have worked together for more than 20 years, investing in innovative deep tech companies that are distinctly identifiable within the market for possessing defensible IP, breakthrough technologies and global ambitions. Our PhD-rich team has achieved over 20 exits to date, including trade sales to Oracle, Google, Apple, Facebook, Siemens and several IPOs. 

IQ Capital has been central to Thought Machine’s success. They invested $2.5m at Seed stage, following on through their Growth fund as we expanded globally. IQ Capital provided much more: their experience in deep tech development and commercialisation is unrivalled and they fully stand behind founders through good times and bad. We rightly regard IQ Capital as a partner for our whole journey.

Paul Taylor, Thought Machine

From Seed stage, IQ Capital helps founders tackle the challenges faced in building and scaling a successful company, supported by the diverse perspectives of a team built on thorough knowledge of deep science and technology, as well as marketing, finding product-market-fit, sales, talent, corporate finance and M&A.

Our initial investments range from £0.5m to £10m in disruptive deep tech companies capable of dominating their global markets. We invest at Seed and Series A across all sector verticals, including generative AI, advanced engineering and novel materials, space-tech, quantum hardware and algorithms, cyber and data security and synthetic biology. We are also able to support founders with our extensive global connections.

Our Growth Fund enables us to invest up to £30m in outperforming companies, supporting their internationalisation.