Cambridge Innovation Capital and IQ Capital co-lead £1M funding of Audio Analytic Ltd.

February 22, 2016

Cambridge Innovation Capital and IQ Capital co-lead £1M funding of sound recognition company
A smart lightbulb that can recognise the sound of an intruder breaking a window has won a major industry award. This has fuelled further demand for Audio Analytic, the world’s leading sound recognition company. To address its growing order book and fund new developments, the company has raised £1 million from investors including IQ Capital Partners, Cambridge Innovation Capital and Cambridge Angels.
In January ‘Sengled Voice’ won the 2016 CES Best of Innovation in the Smart Home category*. It is a light bulb with an integrated microphone and speaker that allows the detection of noises, such as glass breaking or a smoke alarm, to be analysed using Audio Analytic’s ai3 (acoustic intelligence 3) technology and communicated to the homeowner via a mobile alert.
The Smart Home market is growing rapidly and Audio Analytic is working with the leading brands to incorporate its unique sound recognition and identification software into products – such as sophisticated baby alarms, net cams, smart home hubs, intelligent lighting – that can identify sounds associated specifically with safety and security and alert the home owner.
Dr Chris Mitchell, founder and CEO of Audio Analytic, says that the company has pioneered this technology: “I have always been interested in how sound can be detected and identified so when I finished my PhD and found there were no companies addressing this market I set up Audio Analytic.”
The Cambridge-based company is now 17 strong and the new funding will be used to bring on new people to manage the sales pipeline and to invest in further R&D.
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