July 28, 2017

ChargePoint Services has today announced they have placed an order with French EV hardware supplier – EVTronic, for fifty Rapid Chargers as part of the continuing expansion of the GeniePoint Network across the UK.
The first of these Rapid Chargers is due for delivery by the end of August and will be connected to the GeniePoint Network for use by EV drivers registered on the GeniePoint Network. Over the next three months, the chargers will be installed at key locations nationwide, hugely expanding the GeniePoint Network to incorporate another £1m of Rapid Charging hardware, making it one of the largest and most reliable EV charging networks in the UK.
Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ChargePoint Services Ltd, said. “Electric Vehicle charging is now a critical public service. With battery technology constantly being developed to improve capacity and reduce re-charging time, the driving range of vehicles is increasing dramatically. To support this accelerating progress, EV charging equipment must incorporate the latest technologies, as well as being extremely reliable for public use. For the expansion of our GeniePoint Network, we have chosen EVTronic chargers due to their unique energy storage capability and robust reliability, their high level of functionality and total integration with our GeniePoint Platform. This will ensure drivers using the GeniePoint Network get the best possible user experience when recharging their vehicle.”
Packed full of up to date features the EVTronic charger offers Smart energy storage – when there is no or slow charging, the charger automatically stores electricity, then delivers it when a vehicle is connected for a rapid charging session. Fully scalable, the charger will be able to keep pace with growth in vehicle battery sizes as they increase in the future.
Vincent Beudin, VP Business Development EVTronic, said. “We are very pleased to be partnering with ChargePoint Services in the UK, their GeniePoint Platform back office system integrates perfectly with our chargers to provide world-class, integrated functionality capable of providing rapid charging to the electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.”
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