COP26 technology challenges taken on by Cambridge companies

November 17, 2021

COP26 in Glasgow provided valuable networking benefits which are already accelerating climate-related solutions in Cambridge for sectors including automotive, pharma, agricultural, aviation and farming.

Nyobolt’s co-founder and chief scientist, Professor Clare Grey, spoke at the COP26 Decarbonisation Summit. Nyobolt’s niobium-based batteries are the world’s fastest-charging Li-ion batteries: Prof Grey linked the technology to decarbonisation.

“The future of battery technology is transformational to sustainable energy,” she told her audience. “It will not only enable net zero both in the electrification of transport, but also the storing of clean and renewable energy on and off the grid. Without ultra-fast charging, high power batteries and commitment from government to implement the infrastructure to make electric power a priority, we simply won’t be using the technological power that we have in our hands to reach our clean energy goals.”

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