Hami Bahraynian

Hami Bahraynian


Hami Bahraynian is CEO of Wluper, which he co-founded in 2017. Hami is responsible for the company’s product strategy, business development and financial affairs.

Wluper is a London-based startup that has developed dialogue technology to create conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to power knowledge-based voice assistants. Most existing voice assistants understand commands, not conversations. They know a little about a broad range of subjects but few know a lot about a specific topic. Wluper builds intelligent-assistance technology for one domain at a time.

Wluper’s technology provides businesses with more advanced voice capabilities that are directly integrated within their existing services, and allows end users to interact with them in a more convenient and intuitive way. The company has created a system capable of handling dialogues that can return up to eight exchanges with the end user.

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