Grapeshot releases new post-buy contextual optimisation app: Mediashot to drive buy/sell performance on AppNexus

July 01, 2013

‘Keyword contextual technology company Grapeshot announced today the general release of its highly anticipated programmatic campaign optimization tool, Mediashot, which leverages post-buy log file data to evaluate campaign performance by context in real time.
Mediashot has been in beta with Grapeshot’s partners CPX Interactive, Media IQ, and Infectious Media, following announcement of its launch at the AppNexus Summit in San Francisco in April. “The feedback of the beta partners has been invaluable in refining Mediashot for its full launch today,” said John Snyder, CEO of Grapeshot.
“We’ve seen an extremely positive response to this powerful performance optimization tool, which is now deployed across AppNexus for AppNexus log-level data customers. Mediashot leverages log-level campaign data to provide invaluable contextual performance insight, showing how ads outperform in often surprising contexts,” says Snyder. “In one campaign for an airline, we saw 60% of the conversions come from just 30% of the media spend. We could isolate the performance by context and push spend into the performing areas: small- and medium-sized business content and sports content.
“Leveraging the vast scale of the AppNexus platform to drive wide adoption of Mediashot’s groundbreaking analytics represents an enormous opportunity for shared Grapeshot and AppNexus clients worldwide.”
“At MediaIQ, we don’t assume, we test. We believe Grapeshot’s post-buy contextual analytics leveraging Appnexus’ log file data will add performance increases across our business. We are pleased to be Grapeshot’s beta partner for this exciting new product.” said Gurman Hundal, CEO of Media IQ.
Rather than guessing about which contexts work best for campaigns and brands, Mediashot enables users to test, measure, and optimize in real time. Leveraging AppNexus log-level data and its Apps API, Grapeshot has built a dashboard that provides instant visual feedback on the performing—and underperforming—segments of a campaign, without the need for those segments to run with contextual targeting in the first place. “We analyze the URLs provided by AppNexus’s log-level data to return categories based on the impressions,” says Snyder. “These contextual performance insights effectively ‘close the loop’ on contextual targeting. We’re extremely proud of the innovation from the Grapeshot team and our beta partners.
“We have signed well over 100 customers for our pre-bid targeting tool, Grapeshot Keywords on AppNexus, since April 2012. We believe we’re going to have an even more exciting response to Mediashot.”
AppNexus log-level data customers can find Mediashot In the App Marketplace. There is a free trial period of one month.
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