Thought Machine announces partnership with Atom Bank

Atom Bank is putting its future products and services on a cloud-based platform developed by a group of former Google executives.

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Audio Analytic start-up making a big noise in home technology

Chris Mitchell’s software can recognise a window being smashed or a baby crying, extending the abilities of devices such as Siri and Alexa 

As a baby starts to cry, a soothing voice can be heard from the corner of the room. “Don’t worry, little one,” it says. “Daddy is on his way.” But there’s something missing. There’s no parent or babysitter to be seen, only an electronic smart speaker that a Cambridge-based company is training how to listen and respond to the world around it.

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Wluper, a London-based startup building a better conversational AI, picks up $1.3M seed

Wluper, the London-based tech startup building a conversational AI to power knowledge-based voice assistants, has raised $1.3 million in seed funding. Leading the round is “deep tech” VC IQ Capital, with participation from Seedcamp, Aster, and Magic Pony co-founder Dr Zehan Wang.

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Deep-tech investor IQ Capital goes from strength to strength

Award-winning Cambridge-based venture capital firm IQ Capital continues to go from strength to strength – achieving more than 20 exits to date and leading 22 deep-tech investments in just the last three years.

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Thought Machine announces strategic partnership with Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group (Lloyds) has today announced a strategic partnership with Thought Machine, an innovative fintech company, to accelerate the digital transformation of the bank’s business.

Thought Machine has been developing innovative banking technology with the potential to bring significant improvements to the Group’s customers. This partnership is in line with Lloyds’ Strategic Review, announced earlier this year, and is consistent with its ongoing drive to enhance the customer experience, become more agile, and build on its market-leading efficiency.

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