Speechmatics and Prosodica partner to create better caller experiences using any-context speech recognition

August 25, 2020

Speechmatics, a UK leader in any-context speech recognition technology, and Prosodica, a provider of innovative voice and audio analysis technology and a subsidiary of Vail Systems, have today announced their partnership to deliver better caller experiences to enhance customer care and improve customer experiences.

Prosodica develops analytics applications that are delivered through Vail Systems’ carrier integrated enhanced network services platform for call centers. These applications integrate proprietary voice analysis technology with Speechmatics any-context speech recognition to generate next-level insights from recorded calls. Using Prosodica applications, call centers gain fresh perspectives into the character and content of their customer conversations, enabling them to identify opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce customer effort, and continually measure customer experience without the need for manually listening to customer calls or soliciting agent/customer self-reporting.

Using mission-critical, accurate speech recognition technology, the application delivers an unparalleled ability to drive insight and meaning from voice data at scale regardless of dialect or accent. The Prosodica platform utilizes the customer-hosted version of the Speechmatics product to ensure security and compliance is maintained in every aspect of the solution.

Mariano Tan, President & CEO, Prosodica, said:

“The voice and speech analytics capabilities in the Prosodica platform are enabling our customer to transform their operations and customer experiences. Speech recognition technology is essential for the functionality of our applications, so we teamed up with Speechmatics to ensure we deliver the best speech technology on the market.

He added: “Working with Speechmatics enables us to seamlessly provide our customers with quality, automated speech analytics as part of our solution. I look forward to our continued partnership and innovation together.”

Ricardo Herreros-Symons, Director at Speechmatics, said:

“Utilizing Speechmatics’ any-context speech recognition engine as part of the speech analytics tool, Prosodica is able to analyze billions of customer care interactions. Using machine learning, we continue to enable Prosodica to produce innovative applications, and we are excited to see how they continue to enhance their speech analytics tool through our latest advancements in voice technology.”

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