"IQ has a great strategic network, influential in our target markets. It's been really useful to tap into their extended network for advice and support."

Jason Du Preez
CEO, Privitar 

Paul Taylor
CEO, ThoughtMachine 

“IQ was a great partner throughout the life of the company and invaluable in providing tactical and strategic advice during the negotiations and exit to Google. They were naturally my first choice when it came to funding my next venture, Thought Machine.”

Simon Kampa
CEO, Senseye 

“Beyond capital investment, IQ gives us confidence we’re on the right track. They provide scrutiny to check what we’re doing is sensible and sane. They have a valuable perspective on emerging technology, technology markets and the organisational challenges faced by start-ups.”

Kaidi Ruusalepp
CEO, Funderbeam 

“IQ give us a lot of industry insight and have made introductions to industry participants that have helped us to scale the business.”

Andrew Lynn
CEO, Fluidic Analytics 

“The cross disciplinary technical exposure that IQ has is incredibly valuable to all of their portfolio companies.”

Chris Mitchell
CEO, Audio Analytic 

“When your clients turn up to meetings with more people than your entire company employs, then you’ve got to balance those odds to some degree. IQ’s investment put us on a trajectory where we could service world leading consumer electronics companies.”

John Macpherson

“The deep knowledge IQ have in the fintech space has allowed us to have informed conversations with both prospective investors and customers who can understand what we are trying to achieve. That is unique in my experience.”

Benedict von Thuengen
CEO, Speechmatics 

“IQ have been great to work with, down to earth, honest and straightforward. We are excited to be working with them.”

Nino d’Adhemar
CEO, Apperio 

“IQ has been a real trusted adviser to me in everything from growing the team to potential M&A activity to future fund raising to client initiation to putting milestones in the future…literally the whole gambit. IQ isn’t just a monthly board seat, we see IQ weekly and work on projects together utilising their connections”

Jason Du Preez
CEO, Privitar 

“IQ has a great strategic network, influential in our target markets. It’s been really useful to tap into their extended network for advice and support.”

"We gained valuable insight from the IQ Capital team, they challenged us to think ambitiously as possible about the potential for our business."

Mike Lawton
CEO, Oxford Space Systems 

“We would not hesitate to recommend taking investment from IQ Capital, whether they are acting as your Lead Investor or as part of a wider syndicate. The IQ Team understand the challenges that face ambitious technology companies, and bring a wealth of experience and contacts to the table.”

Mike Lawton
CEO, Oxford Space Systems 

“IQ have a read on the market. Every time there’s some news in the market they make sure we are continuously informed. They’re like our eyes on the ground.”

Victor Dillard
Desktop Genetics 

“IQ have been brilliant in bringing more than just their money. They have introduced me to some very key people from CEOs for me to bounce ideas off through to contacts as we move towards licensing and conversations with big companies.”

Ramsey Faragher
Focal Point Positioning 

“The investment process went smoothly and IQ worked constructively with our other investors.”

Mike Lawton
CEO, Oxford Space Systems 

“IQ has been more interested than any investor we’ve ever had, spending time with all the staff and had an insightful perspective on what we’re doing.”

Dan Kieran
CEO, Unbound 

“The team at IQ has been extremely helpful in sharing best practice and giving hands on advice around areas such as developing and deploying new SaaS metrics allowing us to focus on the right things as we scale the business.”

Christer Holloman
CEO, Divido 

"IQ has been a trusted, supportive investor during our rapid growth phase, giving invaluable guidance on product strategy and making key introductions to the US market."

John Snyder
CEO, Grapeshot 


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