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Tom Cronk


Digital Communications

AccelerComm is an expert in digital communications solving the problem of noise interference during message transfer within a wireless network. As an expert in channel coding and signal processing, the company supercharges these networks by delivering solutions that increase throughput and reduce latency whilst consuming fewer hardware resources and less power. Their IP is ready for the cloud radio networks of the future and can be realised as software, hardware programmable or custom silicon hardware acceleration.

Wherever network performance is being pushed to the limit, they partner with their customers to help them succeed. Every network environment is different, and by optimising the configuration of their flexible IP to those specific requirements, AccelerComm delivers significant benefits over traditional solutions. Their configurable products include solutions for LDPC, Polar and Turbo channel coding for 3GPP standards such as 5G NR and LTE, as well as solutions for other markets like satellite communications requiring high performance or low latency.

The company was founded in March 2016 by Prof. Rob Maunder and a team from Southampton University with a highly experienced management team from ARM, Qualcomm & Ericsson.

IQ Capital invested in AccelerComm in Series A in 2020.