Initial Investment



Next-gen Positioning Systems

FocalPoint is a next generation navigation and positioning technology company, founded in 2015 with the mission to transform the capability of all GNSS systems worldwide. Its team of domain experts has more than 100 years of combined knowledge in the world of positioning, navigation and timing.

FocalPoint’s technology brings to smartphones and autonomous platforms the levels of sensitivity and accuracy of positioning and timing that 21st century businesses and individuals demand. Its flagship product, S-GPS, is a chipset-level software product that revolutionises the positioning ability in urban environments of mobiles, wearables and vehicles. It is based on FocalPoint’s award-winning Supercorrelation technology that combines sensor fusion, machine learning and signal processing.

Its second product, D-Tail, is an application- or OS-level software product for smartphones and wearables that combines a machine learning-based human motion modelling and centimetre-level precision tracking to detect and report precise measurement of location, pace and gait.

IQ Capital invested in Focal Point at Seed stage in 2015.