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Comms & IoT is solving the key issues in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and reinventing the way secure IoT devices are being developed and maintained. IoT security and the ability to keep devices secure throughout their lifespan is quickly moving from being an optional feature to a vital requirement. Well publicised security breaches show how resulting damage to a corporation’s reputation can lead to a loss of sales and spiralling costs to resolve the issues. Utilization of secure open source technologies is key to corporations fostering a sustainable and scalable approach to protect their assets.

Software fragmentation has been the major cause of disconnect in the IoT market. has taken a unique approach to addressing the vast needs of the IoT space by combining a cross architecture, cross product approach with a simple business model. The benefits of DevOps are brought to IoT via a secure cloud-native platform. brings flexibility and customization to IoT development, enabling innovation to thrive with the underlying stability of a secure platform.

Founded in 2017, was spun out from Linaro, bringing knowledge and experience gained in the Linux open source world to the IoT and Edge space.

IQ Capital invested in in Series A in 2021.