Cambridge GaN Devices

Initial Investment



Electronic Devices

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD)’s mission is to exploit a revolutionary technology to shape the future of power electronics. Spun-out from Cambridge University in 2016 by Prof. Florin Udrea and Dr. Giorgia Longobardi, CGD delivers the most efficient and easy-to-use transistor, based on Gallium Nitride (GaN). CGD designs, develops and commercialises GaN transistors and ICs which enable a radical step change in energy efficiency and compactness and are suitable for high volume production. 

CGD technology is protected by a strong IP portfolio which constantly grows based on the company’s leading innovation skills and ambitions. The technical and commercial  expertise of  CGD team combined with an extensive track record in the power electronics market has been fundamental in early market traction of their proprietary technology.

IQ first invested in CGD’s Series A in 2021.