Initial Investment



Neuromorphic Computing

Brain biomimicry is a paradigm shift from today’s Deep Learning AI to Natural Intelligence. Opteran uses lessons learned from 600 million years of evolution to understand how real brains move around their environments to enable a new dawn for autonomy in machines.

Opteran have created computer vision, sensing, object detection and avoidance, SLAM navigation, machine decision making and more. Their software transforms the way industry delivers autonomy in machines, robots and vehicles. This enables a future where robots are everywhere – with a small, lightweight and ultra-low powered brain that is orders of magnitude more efficient than today’s Deep Learning. 

Opteran is spin-out from the University of Sheffield, leveraging over £6m in grant funding and 8 years of research, and was founded by CEO David Rajan, CSO Professor James Marshall and CTO Dr. Alex Cope.

IQ Capital first invested in Opteran at Seed stage in 2020.