If IQ Capital is
the answer, what
is the question?

If you’re a tech startup or IP-rich tech company seeking ‘series A’ investment, perhaps the question is this: how do I get the funding and expert assistance to rapidly scale my organisation and exit with a significant financial return?

Behind IQ Capital is a team of serious and approachable partners with deep tech knowledge, who have been working together for over 20 years helping tech companies rapidly scale. We have achieved numerous exits, recently to Google, Apple, Becton Dickinson and Huawei and several high profile IPOs, including Autonomy.

Our expert knowledge will help you find the best routes to scale your company. Our extensive European, US and Asian connections will put you in touch with the global leaders in your field.

We invest up to £5m from our 2015 fund in disruptive UK tech companies capable of dominating their global markets. We are actively seeking investments in Machine Learning, AI, Data Science and Data-based propositions and IP based on disruptive algorithms.

Our LPs include family offices, successful tech entrepreneurs and the British Business Bank.

British Business Bank


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