Delivers machine learning and biometrics-based insights on the well-being of individuals and employees, focused on managing their stress and improving their productivity.

Computational imaging to enhance detail, aid visual accessibility and create beautiful pictures identical to those seen by the human eye. Enables ‘fusion’ of images, perception-based processing and automatic image enhancement.

Spectral Edge

ChargePoint Services Ltd (CPS), a provider of integrated EV charging solutions, and owner and operator of the nationwide pay-as-you-go EV charging network, GeniePoint, was acquired by ENGIE, a leading energy and services group.

Chargepoint Services

The Bloomsbury AI has joined Facebook in London. The Bloomsbury team has built a leading expertise in machine reading and understanding unstructured documents in natural language in order to answer any question. Their expertise will strengthen Facebook’s efforts in NLP research.

Bloomsbury AI

Global mar-tech data company, integrated with all major programmatic ad trading exchanges, social media data and news sources, processing over 5 trillion classifications per month. Sold to Oracle in April 2018, generating exceptional returns for IQ Capital managed funds.


Free-to-play powerhouse of gaming studios with a market cap currently exceeding $4.5B. Two common themes in games portfolio: loyal users & long lifecycle games. Employees thrive in an organisation that engenders the spirit of entrepreneurship


Developed a SaaS service for the collection and analysis of non-inventory spend, in order to drive procurement efficiencies within hundreds of local authorities, universities, NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies. Acquired by Xchanging in February 2015.

Spikes Cavell

Developed an innovative and disruptive wireless network technology and a new protocol standard for the Internet of Things. Acquired by Huawei Technologies in September 2014.


A leading provider of a Cloud-based enterprise data analytics platform, floated on AIM in April 2014. The Company provides analytical data services combining four key technologies: data extraction; cleansing; enrichment; and visualization.

Rosslyn Data Technologies

Developed a next generation florescent labelling technology, based on a unique class of Nobel prize winning materials, which greatly enhanced the brightness of the fluorescent dyes used in clinical diagnostic tests, improving sensitivity up to 100 times.  Acquired by Becton Dickinson in 2012.


Developed a world-leading natural speech synthesis software engine. IQ Capital led the A series round. The business was acquired by Google in December 2010.


Developed a revolutionary dynamic range compression technology, that improved the quality of all digital images and videos. IQ Capital led both seed and A series investment rounds and successfully exited the business in July 2010 via a ‘trade sale’ to a global consumer electronics player.