Global mar-tech data company. Sold to Oracle, generating exceptional returns for IQ Capital managed funds.


Leading global provider for AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance software. Acquired by Siemens.

Experts in machine reading and understanding unstructured documents in natural language. Acquired by Facebook.

Providing machine learning and biometrics-based insights on individual wellbeing. Acquired by Huma (previously known as Medopad).

Free-to-play powerhouse of gaming studios. Power Challenge was sold to Stillfront, which now has a market cap of £1 bn.

Developed a world-leading natural speech synthesis software engine. Acquired by Google.


Developed a next generation florescent labelling technology.  Acquired by Becton Dickinson.


Audio Analytic develops AI technology that gives consumer products a greater sense of hearing beyond speech and music. Acquired by a global tech company.

Provides integrated EV charging solutions. Acquired by ENGIE.

Developed an innovative wireless network technology and a new protocol standard for the Internet of Things. Acquired by Huawei Technologies.

Computational imaging to enhance detail, aid visual accessibility and create perfectly life-like images. Acquired by a global tech company.

A leading provider of a Cloud-based enterprise data analytics platforms. Floated on AIM.

Developed a SaaS service for the collection and analysis of non-inventory spend. Acquired by Xchanging.

Spikes Cavell

Developed a revolutionary dynamic range compression technology, improving digital image and video quality. Exited the business via a ‘trade sale’ to a global consumer electronics player.