Amazon’s Alexa Can’t Distinguish A Human Voice, But This Tiny Cambridge Startup Might Teach It How

Amazon’s Echo speaker knows that you only have to say “Alexa” to wake it up. But technically it can’t tell the difference between two people murmuring in the corner of the room and the sound of radio static. That would take a deeper dive into the building blocks of sound itself.

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See no evil. Hear it: New speech detection sound profile launched

Today we are announcing the availability of a new security-focused sound profile: speech detection, to hear if someone is talking in the house when no one should be in. Enabled devices can then intelligently respond through alerting consumers or triggering a wide range of actions from connected smart home products. The home’s personal assistant can either disturb the uninvited guest or let the owner know that family are home.

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GB Innomech develops test station for Cambridge-based Fluidic Analytics

Automation consultancy, GB Innomech, has designed and developed an innovative new test station for Fluidic Analytics – the Cambridge-based protein analysis company – as a labour-saving R & D  tool to help process multiple test samples and to ensure product quality.

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Paragraf closes £2.9m seed round to drive first ever large-scale production of graphene based technologies

Company’s unique proprietary method produces the first high quality graphene layers adapted to commercial end uses

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Last week in London, Privitar held its inaugural In:Confidence event, bringing together the data privacy community for a day of talks and panels focused on how privacy can be an enabler for innovation, operational efficiency, and for building consumer trust.

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