Fluidic Analytics Launches Rapid Protein Labeling Kit

Fluidic Analytics Ltd has launched fluidiphore rapid amine 503, a protein labeling kit designed to be time-saving and affordable. Absorbing at 503 nm, the new kit can be used with a multitude of techniques including the company’s Fluidity One-W instrument for protein interaction analysis.

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Speechmatics caps major growth with US expansion

Speechmatics opens third international office in Denver, Colorado to enable more US businesses to innovate with voice

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ION man: Cambridge entrepreneur honoured in California

Dr Ramsey Faragher, founder and CEO of Cambridge start-up FocalPoint Positioning, has been awarded the Per Enge Early Achievement Award for outstanding innovations in mobile positioning and navigation by the Institute of Navigation (ION) at its annual awards in San Diego, California.

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North P&I Club Chooses Quest Marine

North P&I Club has chosen Concirrus as a digital partner. Concirrus’ world-leading digital platform, Quest Marine P&I with its data suite and predictive modelling capabilities, will contribute to North’s loss prevention and risk assessment capabilities.

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Concirrus Q&A with Max Bautin

Max Bautin, deep tech investor come adrenaline junkie, has been a Non-Executive Director on Concirrus’ board since his firm IQ Capital invested in mid 2018. We caught up with Max to get his advice for early stage entrepreneurs and, if it were invented, the technology that he would throw all his investment funds at!

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