Sofia Jativa

Sofia Jativa


Sofia joined IQ Capital in August 2020. She works with existing portfolio companies, and sources new deals with a strong focus on AI and machine learning applications.

Sofia focuses on sourcing new deals with a strong focus on AI and machine learning applications, and works with existing portfolio companies.    

Prior to joining IQ Capital, Sofia worked at the Veddis Foundation, where she specialised in writing grants for AI safety projects. She also worked as a consultant focusing on how AI could improve education in remote rural areas at the Ministry of Education in Ecuador.

Sofia attended Boston University as a Bill and Melinda Gates scholar. She graduated with distinction with a BA in Mathematics, a BA in Economics and an MA in Economics. Her thesis on Biophysical Modeling of Single Neuron Dynamics prior to ictal events in Epilepsy won the Marvin I. Freedman Prize in Mathematics. She then went on to get an MS in Neural Systems and Computation at ETH Zurich, and finally a PhD in Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning at the Gatsby Unit, UCL. Sofia has worked on dynamical systems modelling in Neuroscience, deep learning for object recognition and motion detection, theoretical analysis of recurrent neural networks and reinforcement learning.