Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson


Alex graduated from the University of Manchester at the top of his BSc Chemistry cohort. His studies focused on quantum-mechanical simulation of chemical systems. He carried out additional research projects, publishing work involving the development of theoretical quantum approaches to describe fundamental molecular interactions.

Alex went on to complete a PhD in Theoretical Biochemistry, where his knowledge of quantum molecular interactions, coupled with machine learning, was applied to improve the accuracy and speed of biochemical enzymatic simulations. He has published scientific advances in a wide range of disciplines, inclusive of fundamental quantum mechanics, biotechnology, and machine learning.

Prior to joining the IQ team in October 2019, Alex worked as an Analyst at a Private Equity fund, specifically looking at companies in the Life Science and Technology spaces. At IQ, he works closely with a number of portfolio companies such as Optellum, sources new deals, and specializes in AI and Biotechnology sector analysis.